This Is Why Sin Is a Bigger Problem than You Realize

Could Our Attitude towards Sin Be Making Life Harder?

If we understand what the Bible tells us about the biggest problem human beings face, it’s easy to think of simple ideas that could have massive impact in our lives. In fact, this one problem literally affects every area of your life. That means addressing it God’s way has the potential to improve everything about your life!

I have found, with some simple changes, my attitude, my mouth, and my overall outlook on life made a dramatic improvement. I began to be nicer to my wife, find positive things about even frustrating situations, and deal with big problems with calm, clear thinking. I’m telling you, you could see the same results, without that much work!

The World Before Sin

For only 2 chapters in the Bible, Genesis 1-2, we see earth, the same earth we’re living on right now, the way God designed it to be. And what was it like?

  • Food was freely available without having to work for it,
  • man didn’t need faith because he walked and talked with God
  • there was no sickness or disease
  • there was no fighting between animals, between man and his wife, or between man and animals.
  • insects didn’t sting people
  • plants weren’t poisonous
  • people didn’t die

If you were alive then, you wouldn’t have to save money, have a job, be concerned for your safety, or worry about the future.

Then man sinned. He didn’t even do anything that bad. All he did was eat fruit! However, everything bad that has ever happened, happened because of that tiny little act of eating fruit God had commanded him not to eat.

Everyone of the things above are now gone because of sin. That should begin to paint a picture of how truly terrible sin is. These things are what sin ruined.

Because of sin:

  • God is separated from us, so we must have faith to have a relationship with Him
  • we have to get jobs
  • we get sick
  • we fight
  • we have to wear clothes
  • and on and on

Of course sin is bad, but have you ever considered that sin is the cause of all problems? Sin is the cause of everything bad in the world. Without sin, the world would be like it was in Genesis 1 & 2!

It’s easy to understand why.

Imagine the World Without Sin

For example: everyone knows things like rape and sex trafficking are terrible, awful things that shouldn’t exist. If you imagine the world without them, it becomes a much better place. However, rape and sex trafficking are merely symptoms of a deeper problem. If you imagine the world without lust, suddenly it becomes a much much better place. Yes, rape and sex trafficking would be gone, but many other things would be gone as well.

A world without lust would be a world without adultery, sexual harassment, unwanted children, abortion, sexually transmitted disease, most divorces, and much more. And these are only the direct results of lust. There’d be no way to even theorize about the indirect benefits of a world without lust, and lust is only 1 sin!

Now imagine a world without hate. Without pride. Without greed. Without laziness. What kind of world is it now?

Sin is not only the source of every problem in the world, it’s the source of every problem in your own life. Imagine your life without your lust, your hate, or your pride. What kind of employee or boss would you be? What kind of marriage would you have? What kind of church member would you be?

Imagine Your Life without Sin

Here’s a few things that would happen:

  • You’d be very close to God
  • the fantasies about other women or men would stop (you’d fantasize about your spouse instead!)
  • you’d be seriously grateful for your house, car, job, and spouse
  • lust would be replaced with love
  • You’d make encouraging others a daily habit
  • giving generously would be a regular practice
  • everybody would love being around you

Sin is the problem of humanity. That being the case, you’d think everyone would take sins like lust, hate, pride, or selfish ambition very seriously. The truth is, however, most people don’t even give sin a second thought. Most people treat God like he owes them His forgiveness and mercy.

Instead of taking sin seriously, and working daily to rid it from our lives, most Christians are:

  • talking about sin
  • filling our eyes & ears with sin
  • fantasizing about sin
  • getting angry when anyone suggests we stop doing it.

No wonder we can’t quit it! You could be filling your eyes and ears with God’s Word, strengthening your faith and Spirit. You *could* be talking about the things of God and encouraging others, and getting some encouragement in return.

Do you understand? Every fight you’ve ever had, is because of sins like jealousy, anger, or impatience. Every relationship you’ve ever hurt or lost is because of sin. Every sickness you’ve ever had. Every loved one you’ve ever lost.

Do You Hate Sin?

Only the Bible identifies the true root of all the world’s problems, and gives it a name: sin. All other religions deal only with symptoms of the problem, and none of them offer a true solution. Jesus gave us His blood to cleanse all of our sin, and He sent us the Holy Spirit to give us the power to quit sin. So what are you doing about it? Are you living in the power Jesus provided for you? Or are you, like almost everyone else, giving in, and letting a little sin happen here and there? Remember, all Adam did was eat fruit. It doesn’t take a lot for sin to have devastating consequences.

The biggest problem that sin creates is this: it separates us from God. There is simply no way to walk with God, if you are okay with sin. Yes we all mess up, and Christ’s blood is available every time we do. Messing up, though, is what you do when you hate sin. When you are okay with sin, you’re not “messing up” anymore, you’re simply sinning!

Do you hate sin? Do you hate lust, anger, greed, and pride? You should, they’re ripping your life apart.

Are you okay with sin if it’s in a great movie, or a great song? Are you okay with sin if it’s fun, or benefits you? Are you giving in to sin, because you feel like it’s impossible to quit? Jesus gave us His blood and the Holy Spirit, precisely because it was impossible for us to quit. It’s not impossible through Him anymore.

Think about what your life could look like, if you got serious about getting sin out of your life. Think about all the things sin is taking from you. When you understand that every problem in your life is caused by it, does it still seem fun? Does it still seem like it’s not a big deal?

God doesn’t have to forgive us. He certainly didn’t have to provide His Son’s blood, AND give us His power. He provided these things because He loves us and wants us, in spite of our sin, to be close to Him again. His blood and His power are available to you now! He gave you those things, to make it possible to quit sin. You simply have to be willing to get it out of your life. Until you do that, you haven’t even really begun your journey with God.

Start with Some Simple Steps!

Instead of thinking about this as a massive process you have to fully complete all at once, start small. In fact, think of it like starting to eat healthy. In your diet, small changes can start to have a big impact. For example, when you replace potato chips with nuts, or fried chicken with grilled chicken, you’re making little steps that begin your overall health journey.

Think of your goal to rid your life of sin, the same way. Start off with some simple changes and, I promise you from experience, they will have a dramatic effect on your relationship with God, your marriage, your job, and your attitude. This week, for just one week, try making the following small changes in your life:

  • Replace any TV that has adultery, with some anointed preaching videos
  • Replace any music with sexual lyrics or cussing, with some praise and worship
  • Replace movies that contain blasphemy, with some time talking to someone about the Bible

Quitting sin is impossible without the Holy Spirit’s power. However even with the power of the Holy Spirit, we can sabotage ourselves in our fight against sin and temptation.

Feeding your fleshly desire for sin, only makes quitting it harder. However, filling your head with the things of God, rather than sin, will change everything about your attitude, your outlook on life, and your relationships. Why not try it?

God Bless you!

Tyler L. Jones

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13 thoughts on “This Is Why Sin Is a Bigger Problem than You Realize

  1. Tyler, this is a great and timely message, and I really enjoyed it. I certainly will be directing people to this site.

    • Hi Tanuja! The Bible makes it super-easy to define sin, by giving us God’s law. God’s laws make up a set of principles and commandments which define how we are supposed to live our lives. When we violate those laws, we mess up our lives, and other people’s lives, as illustrated in this blog post. No other belief system gives a collection of principles to live by, that truly addresses all the suffering and problems we face.

      This is illustrated clearly by Jesus telling us it’s not enough to not commit adultery, but lusting after a woman is just as bad. He also said it’s not enough to not murder, hating someone is just as bad. So it’s not that God’s laws create sin, but rather that God’s laws show us the correct way to live our lives, and violating those laws messes everything up for everyone. Because the action of breaking God’s laws has so many terrible consequences for everyone, God gave it a name: sin. He also gives us the power to stop sinning, as well as Jesus’s blood to cleanse us from it.

      So, God gave us His commandments and principles to make it easy for us to know what sin is. Therefore, sin is both the action of breaking God’s laws, as well as the condition we’re in as a result of breaking God’s laws. Hope that helps.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Dear brother in the LORD,
    Greetings from India. Tq for the good work you are doing. Keep it up.
    Yours in Christ.
    Evg. E.Shantibabu,