Announcing: – A new approach to sharing your faith!

It is with great excitement I’d like to announce version one of a project that has been in development for three years!

Three years ago, God impressed on my heart that His people needed to be equipped to combat society’s current attitude about Him and His Word. Today’s people have zero faith in God’s Word and are consistently confused by what’s commonly known as “The Problem of Evil” which is the question of why does a loving God allow evil in the world. In addition to all this, the enemy’s strategy has been to flip reality on its head and get everyone to call the things of God evil, and evil things good.

To combat all these lies and strongholds of the enemy in society today is an enormous task. Simply loving people isn’t enough, either. God’s people need to be equipped with a set of quick, simple, and effective tools that can allow the Holy Spirit to penetrate people’s walls of resistance to the things of God. Quick and simple truth combined with love is the answer. However, society has gone so far away from Biblical thinking, how could anyone quickly address all the issues that make people resistant to hearing about God?

For clarity, God’s people need a way to, in under five minutes, walk any person they meet through enough Biblical concepts that the following things happen in the person’s life:

  • Build faith in the truth and reliability of the Bible
  • Make clear Jesus is the only possibility to save them and change them
  • Give them a clear understanding of what they’re committing to, and what their new life should be like after they get saved.
  • Explain Hell in a graceful and loving way that makes total sense, rather than seeming evil
  • Focus on living for God, instead of focusing on what will happen after we die

Talk about an enormous task! When most people think of sharing the Gospel, they simply mean telling someone that Jesus died on the cross for their sins so they can go to heaven if they repent. However, that simplified, and watered down, version of the gospel doesn’t accomplish any of the above points except maybe the second one. Moreover, I don’t buy the idea that what Jesus did on earth was primarily about saving us from Hell. Yes, we don’t have to go to Hell because of Jesus, but what about living for Him? He enabled us to do that now before we die.

All of these difficulties led me to begin seeking God about how the church could invade people’s lives with truth that would be effective at bypassing all these points of confusion and resistance. My search for a quick and simple set of tools led me to the following passages. Putting them together has resulted in something I believe is powerful and maybe, just maybe, actually accomplishes all of the above requirements.

Genesis 3:14-19 This passage describes the curse that came upon God’s creation because of sin. This allows us to understand the world was perfect before sin, but now sin has unleashed literally all problems.

Matthew 5:27-28 In this familiar passage, Jesus people’s perceptions on how to serve God by taking the focus off of the physical *act* of adultery, and basically told everyone, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t commit adultery if you’re still lusting.”

1 John 3:15 Here John applies the same principle Jesus applied to lust, to hate. John is saying, “You might not be actually murdering anyone, but in God’s eyes your hate makes you a murderer.”

Galatians 5:22-23 This is one of the clearest most powerful passages in the Bible. This passage, among many others, sets the Bible apart from all other holy books by telling Christians what they should be like. The last phrase, though, takes things to another level. When Paul says, “against such there is no law” he’s not only saying no government wouldn’t create a law against these fruits, he’s also letting us know no one can argue against them. What’s the argument that love, joy, peace, patience, and gentleness are bad things?

Galatians 5:16 Contrary to almost all believers, I think Galatians 5:16 is the true gospel message. In this one sentence, Paul concisely and powerfully clarifies what the problem Jesus came to solve is, “the lust of the flesh,” what Jesus did to solve it, “opened the Spirit to us,” and how we access and use Jesus’s solution, “walk in the Spirit.” What unbelievers need to take from this is Jesus didn’t merely give us the ability to go to heaven, He gave us the ability to get sin, and all of it’s problems, out of our lives.

1 John 1:7 The blood of Jesus cleanses us. If we limit Jesus’s blood to nothing but a way to go to heaven, we miss how important it is to our *daily* walk. No matter how grievous the sin, Jesus blood can cleanse it. It’s the most powerful cleansing agent in the universe.

John 8:32 Jesus tell us here the truth will make us free. If we’re combatting addiction and unbelievers who are bound by sin, what they need is the truth.

Isaiah 59:2, Genesis 3:9, Matthew 27:46, etc… Sin separates us from God. Period. Jesus’s blood fixes that problem.

Putting all of these scriptures and concepts together, we get the essence of the full gospel in once sentence: Sin is the cause of all problems and Jesus came to cleanse us of sin and give us the power to quit sinning.

To get unbelievers to understand this message, here is a simplified walk-through of the concepts:

  • Lust and hate are responsible for a massive amount of horrific abominations.
  • The world and your life would be unrecognizably better without lust and hate
  • If replacing these would make the world almost perfect, it sounds like we were designed to live without them.
  • the Bible teaches, the world WAS created perfect, but sin entered and created all problems.
    • This proves the Bible’s true.
  • God sent Jesus to: cleanse us of sin, and gives us new desires and the ability to replace sin

What I have developed is a small card with an intriguing question and a corresponding website. The card lists some of the world’s biggest problem and challenges the person to choose which is the biggest. It then directs them to the website,, where they are given a 6-minute video presentation of the above concepts. I also direct the viewer to download my free eBook which is a terrific, short book especially great for new believers, as it walks them through the essentials of a walk with God from the perspective of one of the most exciting promises in the Bible (Isaiah 40:31).

The card and the website opens three versions of this approach:

  • Just give them the card
    • Check out this website. Its a new way to think about the world’s problems
    • Check out this website.  It will change your life.
    • Check out this cool website!
  • 10-question script
    • You got 5 minutes to answer some questions about the world’s problems?
  • In-depth, 17-question script

And finally, here is the website with the video presentation!  I’ll have the cards for sale soon, along with additional training of how to walk someone through these concepts in less than 5 minutes!
Check it out!

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