This site is dedicated to helping you succeed at living for God.  Christianity, unique among religions, requires God’s power if we are going to do the things He wants.  This means we can do anything when we rely on His power and we are guaranteed to fail if we don’t.


Our enemy knows the incredible power God has made available to us, so he never stops trying to confuse and discourage us about it.  My goal is to bring clarity and encouragement to areas where Christians almost universally experience failure, frustration, and confusion.

Four such areas are:

  • Failing against temptation
  • Doing nothing against Hell’s plans
  • Praying but seeing no answers
  • Not acting, talking, or thinking like Jesus

Think about it: how would you say you are doing in these areas? If you’re like the vast majority of Christians, the answer is probably, “not too great.” We are supposed to be doing great, not only in 1 of 2 of these areas, but in all of them! Do you ever wonder what’s wrong?

God has brought me through a lot of experiences that have taught me exciting and motivating truth about living for Him. The four areas above, in particular, have been the source of so much confusion and discouragement for me. However, through failures, frustrations, and successes, God has taught me the path to success in these areas and more.  Because of everything I’ve experienced, I have a strong passion for helping others understand God’s solution to these problems.  I have started this ministry so you can start seeing some wins in your relationship with God.

As I write content for this site, I will keep growing this page to help new readers find the most important posts, and give somewhat of a “guided tour” about the message God has given me.

Thank you for reading, and I am excited about what God has in store for this ministry, and your life!