I began teaching God’s Word in 8th grade in a Bible Study I started at school. Since that time, I have been honored to speak at concerts, homeless shelters, churches, conferences, and other events.

When it comes to speaking and teaching, I strive for simplicity.  It’s easy to be complicated and confusing.  Anyone can do that.  How many complicated messages really helped you?  How many complicated messages can you even remember?


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A Little About Me:

The Bible tells us that God has chosen preaching as His way of communicating to us (1 Corinthians 1:21). That means every time a preacher gets in front of an audience, it is a special moment, designated by God, in which things can happen that cannot happen anywhere else. You cannot replicate the experience of sitting under a powerful anointed sermon at home on your own.

Also, I view preaching as being very similar to a great movie. No one likes movies that are uninteresting, slow, poorly constructed, or heartless. Whereas, a movie that is well-written, expertly paced, and exciting makes you want it to never end. An anointed, powerful, convicting, inspiring sermon is the same. A great movie holds the attention of its audience from beginning to end, and a sermon is no different. A poorly conceived sermon, lacking in God’s power, from an unprepared preacher, is something you can’t wait to be over.

A preacher’s job is to hear from God for His audience and strike that delicate balance between using his (or her) abilities, while allowing the Holy Spirit to do everything He wants to do.

My philosophy on preaching is to maximize my sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to say what He wants to the audience I’m speaking to.  People aren’t there to hear my intellect, creativity, or reasoning.  They are needing to hear from God and experience His power.  This mentality is what I try to bring to every message I deliver.

An Example of My Preaching

Here is one of my favorite recent examples of my preaching style:

What Others are Saying

Here are some testimonies of people who have heard me preach:

“Tyler preaches deep truth in an anointed, dynamic, and motivating way. I recommend him for any service or meeting in which anointed preaching or teaching is desired.”

Karen Dudley, Founder/Sr Pastor, Dallas international Street Church

“I have been fortunate in ministering with Tyler on many occasions. I know him to be a man in touch with the heart of God. He has a sincere concern in leading people to the cross of Christ.”

Don Hamon, President Shoulders of Christ Ministries

“Tyler is a bold and gifted speaker who presents God’s Word with anointing. He has my recommendation for any speaking opportunity!”

Dan Hunter, Pastor of Living Church in Mansfield, TX

“Tyler is an anointed preacher and teacher who loves the truth of God’s Word. If you have a chance to go hear him, do it!”

David & Rose Ford, President/Founders of More than Conquerors School of Theology

“Tyler Jones served faithfully on the staff of a local church that I was privileged to pastor. His creativity and communication skills are a gift from God. You and your church will be blessed by his ministry.”

Doug Anderson, Pastor of Rose Heights Church of God in Tyler, TX

If you book me for your event or service, here’s what you can expect from me and my team:

  • prompt replies to your emails and phone calls
  • a personal conversation with a member of my team prior to your event or service, so we can better understand the needs of your audience
  • an announcement about your event or service on my blog and social media channels (assuming that’s okay)
  • a dynamic message specific to your audience or church
  • a quick follow-up communication after the event with someone on my team, to make sure I met your expectations.

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