Never forget what you were like before Christ!

We can never forget what we were like before Christ. Like Romans 3 says we all had tongues full of deceit, feet swift to shed blood, bitterness and cursing coming out of our mouths…

Focusing on how much Christ has changed us keeps us humble and thankful. Here we have a promise from Revelation that if we forget where we came from, Jesus won’t like it!

Stay thankful and humble for all that Jesus delivered you from!

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Hope is Life Fuel!

Hope is life fuel! With hope you can face anything and not quit. Without hope, you don’t even have the motivation to get started! That makes it more valuable than money, fame, or power.

God’s process is to use tribulation to produce that invaluable hope you so desperately need. LET HIS PROCESS WORK! Let that hope develop! Don’t give up before you get your life fuel!!!

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If you stop hoping, you won’t have the strength or motivation to keep going!

It’s our HOPE that we will see God do amazing things in our families and communities that keeps us from giving up. Don’t stop believing! Don’t stop hoping! You WILL see a breakthrough! You WILL see miracles! You WILL see answers! And when you see it, you’ll be so grateful for God’s timing and all the things you went through to get there.
If you stop hoping, you won’t have the strength and motivation to keep going. THAT’S what it means to wait on God. KEEP WAITING!!!

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The greatest things in life are difficult to achieve!

We’re only tempted to quit situations that are difficult. But all the greatest things in life are difficult to achieve! That means we’re only tempted to quit the greatest things in life. Don’t do it! Keep the faith!

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If We Don’t Stand Against the Enemy’s Agenda, No One Will! #prayerwarrior
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