If We Don’t Stand Against the Enemy’s Agenda, No One Will! #prayerwarrior
God’s Done So Much Already, Why Not Trust Him This Time? #HesDoneItBefore
Why Not Surround Yourself With People Who Challenge You To Grow? #surroundedbygrowth
Thoughts Come Before Actions #killthethoughtskilltheacts

How do I know I’m saved: Easy to Understand Version

You Don't Have to be Tormented About Your Salvation

There’s so much confusing and weird teaching about being saved, it’s not possible to give a one sentence answer to this question.  However, in about 5 minutes, you can learn just a few basic concepts, and you won’t have to wonder if you’re saved ever again!


Here are some basic concepts you need to understand, which will then make it simple to know if you’re saved:

  1. What makes you saved in the first place
  2. What is the Lamb’s Book of Life
  3. Why Jesus writes names in the Book of Life
  4. Why faith matters to God
  5. What Does Faith in Lord Jesus Look Like
  6. Why you’re questioning if you’re saved

The Bible Is Full of Contradictions and They’re Awesome!

Where Did the Idea Come from That Contradictions Are a Problem?

A very common objection people give to believing the Bible is that it is “full of contradictions.”  This logic is saying we can’t believe the Bible, because if it were actually God’s Word, it wouldn’t have any contradictions.

What these people aren’t telling you, however, is that contradictions are the foundation of how human beings ever learn anything!  Without things we perceive as contradictions, the Bible would be useless to us.

This Is Why Sin Is a Bigger Problem than You Realize

Could Our Attitude towards Sin Be Making Life Harder?

If we understand what the Bible tells us about the biggest problem human beings face, it’s easy to think of simple ideas that could have massive impact in our lives. In fact, this one problem literally affects every area of your life. That means addressing it God’s way has the potential to improve everything about your life!

I have found, with some simple changes, my attitude, my mouth, and my overall outlook on life made a dramatic improvement. I began to be nicer to my wife, find positive things about even frustrating situations, and deal with big problems with calm, clear thinking. I’m telling you, you could see the same results, without that much work!