Leaders of the Garden

To help all of us develop a vision for how each of our areas impacts the Kingdom, I want everyone to answer all of the below questions before the end of the month. We can talk about them as you go, so don’t feel isolated and please let me know if you have any questions about this! Love you guys!

  • Pastor Tyler

Question 1: if you were to have unlimited budget and staff for your area, what would your area look like?

Question 2: Imagine someone experiencing your area on a Saturday night. Describe what you want them to see and feel when they experience your area.

Question 3: The vision of the Garden is: Growth, Fruit, Roots, In-It-Together. How does your area impact the kingdom of God and fit within the vision of the Garden?

Question 4: What other ministry is a model for your area you’d like to emulate?

Question 5: What would you like to name your area of the Garden?

Question 6: What would you say is the ideal number of people to have on your team and who are some people who could potentially be on your team?

Question 7: What are at least 3 different responsibilities that could be carried out by people on your team?

Question 8: Which person on your team is the one who would fill in for you if you had to miss a service?

Question 9: What clean-up is needed for your area before you leave on Saturday nights (your number 2)?

Question 10: What time should you have your pre-service meeting? (pre-service could be any time before service including during the week!) And how often should you meet with your team?

Question 11: What strategies would you discuss at your pre-service meeting?

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